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• Maison Bellot Grapefruit Sparkling Juice (France) 330ml
• Maison Bellot Lemon Ginger Sparkling Juice (France) 330ml
• Loison Panettoncino Amarena (Italy) 100gm
• Walkers Pure Butter Mini Festive Stars Shortbread (Scotland) 125gm
• Walkers Gin Infused Fruit Tarts (Scotland) 135gm
• Alfredo Dark Chocolate 180gm
• Kettle Honey Dijon Gluten Free Potato Chips (U.S.A) 141gm
• Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Instant Coffee (Italy) 95gm
• Happy Christmas Metal Container Box
• Apollo Chocolate Wafer Ball 36gm
• Limited Christmas Tree Shaped Metal Tin Box
• Amigokuso Marshmallow Twist 100gm
• Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 200gm
• Amazin’ Grace Trinket Delight 110gm
• Exclusive Basket
• Christmas Packaging & Decorative
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