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Product Description

• Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl
• European Style Fruit Bowl Serving Tray
• Limited Edition Luxuries Peacock Spoon Set 

• Godiva Belgium 1926 Cube Truffle Dark Chocolate (Belgium) 40gm 

• Haldiram’s Indian Murukku 200gm
• Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso Instant Coffee (Italy) 95gm
• Sunrise Home Bakery Fruit Cakes 400gm 

• Ramji Damodar Indian Methi Khakhra 200gm
• The Belgian Chocolate Hearts (Belgium) 65gm
• Radiant Code Cacao Nibs Oatmeal Cookies 150gm
• Beryl’s Assorted Almond Chocolate 180gm
• Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 200gm
• Alfredo Whole Roasted Almond Milk Chocolate 240gm
• Baker Street Indian Traditional Masala Khari 200gm
• Diwali Chocolate Chips Cookies 80gm
• Exclusive Basket
• Deepavali Packaging & Decorative
• Delivery

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