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Product Description

• 6pcs Bowl Serving Dish With Wooden Tray Set
• Sorbon Hazelnut Mini Cone (Iran) 200gm
• Fars Pomegrante Vinegar (Iran) 375ml
• Serunding Daging 80gm
• Gullon Mini Cheddar Crackers (Spain) 250gm
• Nescafe Gold Cappucino Latte (Switzerland) 136gm
• Alfredo Indulgence Chocolate Collection 110gm
• Homemade Golden Pineapple Roll
• Yee Hup Sweet Coconut Peanut Cookies 130gm
• Citrahana Rich Classic Fruit Cake 350gm
• Hacizade Turkish Delight Hazelnut Findikli (Turkey) 300gm
• Exclusive Basket
• Hari Raya Packaging & Decorative
• Delivery

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