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E15 Chinese New Year Hamper
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Product Description

  • SKYLIGHT Braised Abalone With Mushroom 170gm天亮牌红烧花菇吉品鲍鱼170克
  • SKYLIGHT Braised Abalone With Mushroom 170gm 天亮牌红烧花菇吉品鲍鱼170克
  • LO HONG KA Baked Fishmaw 55gm 老行家焗鱼鳔55克
  • LO HONG KA Wild White Fungus 65gm 老行家野生花球银耳65克
  • LO HONG KA White Fungus With Bird’s Nest Drink 2 x 100gm 老行家银耳燕窝露 2 x 100克
  • EU YAN SANG Natural Cumquat Lemon Vinegar 250ml 余仁生金桔柠檬醋250毫升
  • EU YAN SANG Superior Nurturing Herbal Soup 80gm 余仁生上等炖汤80克
  • PURPLE CANE Lychee Black Tea 100gm 紫藤荔枝红茶100克
  • Qilin Flower Mushroom 80gm
  • Bamboo House Pineapple Cake (Taiwan) 250gm
  • Macau Speciality Handmade Walnut 85gm
  • Lou Po Unique Recipe Citrus Bean Paste Noodles 130gm
  • LIMITED EDITION IMPORTED Prosperity Year 2020 Calendar
  • Exclusive Basket
  • Chinese New Year Packaging & Decorative
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